Thankfully, I can think for myself

May 12, 2010 § 5 Comments

This is another great billboard from Outreach Media proclaiming “Thankfully, God doesn’t think you’re imaginary”.

Thankfully, God doesn't think you're imaginary

Thankfully, God doesn't think you're imaginary

Like a lot of the propaganda coming from Outreach Media (see previous post) the message is simple. But I wonder, what is the relevance of the headless guy? Is it implying that if God were imaginary that we wouldn’t exist?

I got a real kick out of the circular reasoning which arises once you discount God’s existence. It goes like this:

An imaginary being believes I exist, so do I exist at all? So assuming I don’t exist, and the non-existent God believes in me, does he worship me like a God? If I don’t exist, and God doesn’t either, does that mean God actually exists? So if God exists, and worships me, who doesn’t exist, why does he believe in me?

The reasoning reminded me of Douglas Adams’ Babelfish passage, which I’ve quoted before. It’s completely flawed reasoning, but it was fun to think about.

Anyway I drive past this billboard every day and wanted to know that you guys thought about it. Please leave comments below.

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§ 5 Responses to Thankfully, I can think for myself

  • Lovingdoubt says:

    It’s very odd. So if there were a god he doesn’t think I am imaginary… but if this god wanted me to think he wasn’t imaginary, it would know how to convince me, and therefore it choses not to. So it knows I exist but convincing me of its existence doesn’t seem to matter to it.

    So… doesn’t that ad make god look rather neglectful if belief is really important to this god?

  • raytheist says:

    I find that poster to be as smarmy as what many Christians have told me: “Even if you don’t believe in him, he still believes in you.” And it’s usually uttered with that smug air of superiority. Bollocks. There is no God for me to believe in, and I need no God to believe in me.

  • Lori says:

    It sounds like a guilt-trip tactic to me. Just another way to try to convince people that god is real. Without the control of their religion, they have nothing. So they use silly things like this to try to convince people to believe in god. If there were a god, he sure acts like we are imaginary.
    😉 Where was he when my friend died in a freak motorcycle accident on April 20th? Until the god who is known as all-knowing and all-loving can show us that he is not imaginary, I will keep on believing that he is.

  • The superiority here is overwhelming, but not surprising. Of course the Christians think that they know God exists, and that he believes in each of us, because they think they know better overall.

    Although I do think of God as an empty suit; all looks and no substance. Sure, it might seem like a good idea, but there’s nothing to back it.

  • dredrob says:

    i find it weird…are they saying that there really isnt a man there…that god is imaginary like the imaginary guy in the poster…when christ-ies try to be clever i never get it…

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