Made By God

June 9, 2010 § 5 Comments

Made by God

Made by God

Outreach Media have come up with yet another beauty of a poster this month, and the explanation is awesomely wrong. It basically says that no matter what you know about science and the natural world, don’t be fooled! It’s all “Made by God”.

The picture with it’s hundred funky 3D graffiti arrows pointing at presumably “everything” is obviously aimed at a younger generation, telling them to believe that all this, all around you is God’s creation. And I guess this is nothing new, for that’s what theists have claimed for centuries, before we understood how things really work.

But the hackneyed argument comes unstuck when they try and use the scientific “facts” to their advantage. The writeup says this:

“Take two molecules of Hydrogen, one molecule of Oxygen and combine them in the right way. Incredible! Now you’ve got two molecules of water. That’s all water is.”

EDIT: While this is technically correct, as explained to me below by Joseph (hydrogen and oxygen molecules being diatomic, the key word being molecule as opposed to atom), it goes on to say:

“No need to wax lyrical, or feel moved by it. It’s a scientific event. Just ask the weather man. Eventually science will label everything and at last we’ll be able to put the goose bumps away and get real about what the universe is made of. It’s just a collection of complex elements.

I mean, now we know what things are. We know them. Don’t we?

No! We absolutely don’t. Not by a long shot or a country mile or any other measure you care to use. Just putting a label on a cloud doesn’t sum up all its greatness. Just because we can break something down into smaller parts doesn’t mean that we can account for everything about it.”

And yet again we butt heads against the old argument “You don’t know everything, so a small amount of doubt means I am right!” The God-Of-The-Gaps rears its ugly head yet again. You can’t explain it 100%, so God exists 100%.

Read their explanation here.


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