Peter Singer – The Genius of Darwin – Dawkins interview

June 10, 2010 § 2 Comments

I was fortunate enough to see BOTH Peter Singer and Richard Dawkins speak at the Rise Of Atheism conference here in Melbourne in March of this year. While Dawkins’ talk was eye-opening, Peter Singer’s talk resonated with me far more powerfully.

Peter Singer is a Bio-Ethicist, animal rights activist and advocate of vegetarianism. Here in an interview with Richard Dawkins from his program “The Genius of Darwin”, Singer speaks of the ethical tradeoff we make as humans who eat meat, and whether it is ethical at all to kill and animal when there are alternatives to eating meat which don’t involve killing. I enjoyed this talk immensely.

While I sympathise with the ideals of vegetarians, I am not a vegetarian at all. The ideals of living a vegetarian lifestyle are sound, and sustainable if managed properly. But so too can be the practices of being an omnivore if we only eat meat occasionally. See Polyface Farms as an example of good and sustainable farming practices (as outlined in the book “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” by Michael Pollan).

I am not a vegetarian activist, nor do I pertain to being an ethics expert, however I am an advocate for sustainable (and humane) farming practices, and those that have a lessened impact on the lives of animals. Make of this what you will.


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§ 2 Responses to Peter Singer – The Genius of Darwin – Dawkins interview

  • Humans are so guilty of speciesism! I hate the differentiation of ourselves and other animals which is so prevalent 😦

    I like Singer btw, you were lucky to see him Marty 🙂

  • ronmurp says:

    The continuum might be more obvious to us had more Homo species survived with degrees of consciousness and awareness closer to but not the same as ours. It would also be a bit of a shock if we came across a more aware species.

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