RSA Animate – Smile or Die

September 7, 2010 § 3 Comments

I have been accused in comments on this blog, by theists, of being overly optimistic about the future for humanity. This is simply not true. If anything I post my positive thoughts about humanity on my blog, while I harbour a deep fear that we simply do not have what it takes to make it, not with the world population doing what it’s doing right now. I have hope for humanity, but there is no way known I think the idea of “positive thinking” will help anyone. I am a realist.

This video below from the RSA Animate series is a talk by “Acclaimed journalist, author and political activist Barbara Ehrenreich [which]  explores the darker side of positive thinking.”

EDIT: This was my 100th post. Woohoo!


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§ 3 Responses to RSA Animate – Smile or Die

  • I came across this a while back and intended to write about it (it’s in my now-very-long-and-unrealistic-queue :D).

    Not that positive thinking is unhelpful, as such – As a pessimist I certainly need it. But acknowledging the unrealism of a lot of the populist (“New Age”?) stuff is important imho.

    Good stuff 🙂

    Jonathan from Spritzophrenia

  • Addendum: On pessimism. I certainly feel pessimistic about the environment, bigotry, ignorance, war etc.

    Regardless of the different beliefs about God, the supernatural etc, we all have to somehow live in harmony and tolerance, and attempt to improve the world. I hope it can be done.

  • […] recently posted the RSA Animate video “Smile Or Die” on my blog, in which Barbara Ehrenreich talks about the darker side of positive thinking. She talks […]

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