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October 10, 2009 § 8 Comments

Why “Atheist Climber”

I have another blog http://martinpribble.wordpress.com/ which is dedicated to the things I love: my family and friends, rock climbing, food and other good things in life. It has a small but dedicated following, and is updated a few times a month. I started “Atheist Climber” in order to have a vehicle of expression for my views and criticisms of anything which causes me concern, and I don’t wish to alienate readers of my other blog.

The reason for the title “Atheist Climber” is simple: I am an atheist, and I love to climb rocks. Many of my thoughts about the world are informed by what I have learnt about myself while climbing. Lets face it I am obsessed by climbing, and all things climbing related, so I thought it would be weird to separate the two.

What is “Atheist Climber”?

This will be a combination of my considered thoughts about science, nature and religion, as well as politics, atheism and the occasional rant about stuff that pisses me off. This will not be about religion-bashing, although atheism is the main diver of this space. If you are easily offended, you may be offended. If, however, you are a freethinker and would like to read the viewpoint of a person who sees the world using logic, reason and historical fact, then you’re in the right place. I aim to inform, educate and challenge. Hopefully this blog acheives that goal. I don’t wan’t to make this a depressive rant about all that’s wrong in the world, rather I would like to keep it entertaining and informative.

When is “Atheist Climber”?

Well, right now, and hopefully I will update this blog once a week or more if I’m feeling particularly frisky.

So subscribe to the RSS feed of this blog, and please, if you feel love, please comment on my entries. If my writing makes any sort of difference to even one person’s life, then I have done more than I’d hoped. Enjoy and in the immortal words of Bill S Preston “Be excellent to each other.”

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