Personal Mission Statement

It’s not easy to be someone whose opinions and social standpoint may be at ends with the society at large. The position itself can lead one to become a reviled and hated member of society, except among those who agree with them. It’s so easy for a person to come forward and belittle the ideas of others, and oh-so-easy to dismiss the feelings and beliefs of others. I have, from personal experience, noticed how my words can affect others, sometimes positively, and sometimes very negatively.

With this in mind, and trying to be as fair as possible to all involved,  I am writing this mission statement and posting it where all can see if they wish. This will change over time, as I don’t know all the answers, not am I a sociologist, and will be making decisions based on what I observe.

  • I aim to be as fair to all concerned with my comments as possible. Unfairness comes from ignorance and cruelty. Neither of these things are on my agenda.
  • I aim, with the exception for the occasional rant, to be as clear and concise as possible with my posts. If I deviate from this it means I am not thinking clearly and should probably not be posting at all at that time.
  • I do not want to ridicule those with whom I disagree. From ridicule can come no good, only backlash and resentment. If the writing has nowhere to go but into the realm of ridicule, then it has already run its course and should be abandoned there.
  • I aim to treat other with sensitivity and understanding. This does not, however, mean I will agree with what others have to say just to be courteous.
  • I welcome all comments on this blog, however I expect my blog commenters to abide by the points in my mission statement when posting. Deviation from this will be deleted at my discretion.

These points will be updated whenever I feel they should be. The reason for this is that things and situations change, and as we journey through life our perspective can change as does our vantage point.

Comments and thoughts are welcome.


§ 6 Responses to Personal Mission Statement

  • Cary says:

    Having only met you about a day ago, I don’t have much to say, just a couple of points.

    I wouldn’t categorically rule out posting when you aren’t thinking clearly – just be aware of your state of mind and let your readers know. Sometimes writing at times like this can help bring you clarity.

    My impression is that you might be overcompensating for the incident you mentioned – the details of which I’m completely ignorant concerning, so I could be quite off base here, and I certainly intend no offense by saying this, it’s just my impression. Anyhow, keep in mind that ridiculing an idea is not ridiculing the person who believes it. The person may choose to be offended, but that is his or her choice. I think it’s more than acceptable to call a ridiculous idea ridiculous. I guess, ultimately, it’s a balancing act between being respectful and being honest.

  • Monicks says:

    I think this statement talks articulately about your humanist essence, we as atheists, in our sometimes futile intent of widen the theists’ points of view, are not entirely aware of the deep effect that our interaction can cause on these people, like you eloquently point out here.
    Nice mission statement, is the voice of reason colored with kindness and thoughtfulness. I share the sentiment.
    Well said, my friend.

    • Thanks Monica, your input is always appreciated. Yes I think it’s important to keep others in mind when criticising their beliefs. Anything too direct and angry will only be deflected.

      It’s like in Dune by Frank Herbert, the slow blade penetrates the shield.

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  • amy says:

    Hola Marty!
    I just wanted to say hi. And I love reading your blog. You make some fantastic points and I am forever jealous of the depth of your posts. I’m due for a melbourne jaunt later this year – maybe we can catch up?!
    amy d (from atheist con)

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