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“ has been added to The Atheist Blogroll. You can see the blogroll link in my sidebar. The Atheist blogroll is a community building service provided free of charge to Atheist bloggers from around the world. If you would like to join, visit Mojoey at Deep Thoughts for more information.”

As an atheist, I am proud to be included among such great people as these. They are inspiring, caring, thoughtful individuals who choose to use reason and rational thought to place themselves in the universe. I am honoured to be number 1001 on the blogroll.


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  • Md Santo says:


    There are three pairs of key words used to describe how human choosing their life preferences in the universe. They are namely “Good or Bad”, “True or False” and “Right or Wrong”. Those three pairs of key words describing human life preferences in Physical Universe, Inner Universe and Divine Universe respectively.

    Below are the list of such pairs of words, evidence-based generated and describing Physical Universe, Inner Universe and Divine Universe (“the unknown”) respectively. I’d like to name them as “The Universal Trio Phenomenon”. By any mean, it is not intended as “Proof by intimidation”. It is intended as my contribution in the form of knowledge and/or information sharing purpose for the sake of our effort to make sense of the unknown as well as to narrowing gap between Atheist and Religion

    The following list of three key words as an entity to describe the three universes arranged randomly :
    • Good or Bad – True or False – Right or Wrong
    • Body – Mind – Soul
    • Id – Ego – Super Ego
    • Physical Sensitivity – IQ and EQ – SQ
    • Science – Knowledge – Tasawwuf
    • Hypothesis – Intuition – Premonition/Physiognomy
    • Unity – Entity – Oneness
    • Pleasures – Happiness – Uns
    • Defense – Endurance – Supernatural Power
    • Physical Material – Biological Life – Human Conscious Life
    • Scientist – The Believers – Sufi
    • Physical Light (light, data, information) – Inner Light (knowledge ( in narrow meaning), wisdom) – Divine Light (marifa, divine light)
    • Rational (relative) truth – Heart (relative) truth – Real (absolute) truth
    • Rational solution – Wise decision – Miracle
    • Darwinian theory – Creationism (Intelligent Design) Theory – Causa Prima theory
    • Excitement – Ectasy – Uns
    • Physical treatment – Psychological treatment – Tasawwuf treatment
    • Well informed – Knowledgeable – Marifa
    • Blessing – Guidance – Endowment
    • Result mind – Fruit inspiration – Revelation
    • Physical – Mind – Spiritual
    • By reasonable mind – By heart – By Sirr
    • With oral player – Prayer with your heart – Prayer with Sirr
    • Senses to mind brain – Conscience – Throne (Arasy)
    • Cognitive to Psychomotor ability – Psychomotor to Affective ability – Maqamat ability
    • Space Time dependent – Time dependent – Absolutely independent
    • Truth based – Knowledge based – Belief based (Faith)
    • Thought – Heart – Divine Inspiration
    • Universal based rational truth – Social based action and performance – Personal based experience beyond Knowledge domain
    • Thermodynamic law – Information theory – Mukasyafah
    • Physical communication – Communication with the heart – Divine communication with mukadatsah
    • Worship God – Headed God – Musyahadah
    • etc many more

    Because of my “unknown” orientation is Islamic sources, quite many of terminologies derived from Tasawwuf or Sufi as my Knowledge-base resources. Anyhow it is intended whatsoever to narrowing the gap between Atheist and Religion as living reality in human history

    Thank you

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